Workstation and Production Cranes

Dedicated ergonomic lifting and movement solutions for repeated production tasks, up to 10 tons.

Gantry Cranes

Fixed or Adjustable Height, Manual or Motorized.

Jib Cranes

Base Mounted, Column Mounted, Articulating or Enclosed Track.

Workstation Bridge Cranes

Freestanding, Ceiling Hung, Enclosed Track and I-beam Systems.

Hoists and Trolley

Ensuring proper hoist and trolley selection for environment and duty cycle. Under the hook solutions for common or custom applications, including vacuum air or mechanically automated systems.

Chain and Wire Rope Hoists

Available in any capacity for all environments. Explosion proof and special lifting heights up to 150’ also available.

Under the Hook

Designed and fabricated lifting solutions for improving safety and production. Offset center of gravity applications welcome. Air, Hydraulic and Mechanical solutions available.

Fall Arrest Systems and Solutions

Systems that increase safety and confidence when working at heights for industry, commercial properties, aircraft maintenance, mining maintenance and refineries.

Freestanding or Ceiling Hung Fall Arrest Systems

Moveable Bridges, Fixed Monorails, Mobile FA Systems

Commercial Building Systems

Rooftop Restraint Systems; Cable or Fence, Multi-story Window Washing Systems, Quonset Style Roof Systems and more.

Floor Movement Solutions

Improving production safety and performance by reducing worker effort and strain with proven products.

Casters and Wheels

Specifications for fabricated solutions or existing caster replacement. Focusing on environments, performance, longevity and reduced worker strain.

Air Moving Systems

Advanced air float systems for maintenance, production and custom products up to 300 tons. Over 20 years of experience in air systems, at your service.

Dollies and Carts

Design and fabrication of dollies and carts with ergonomic capabilities on all axis, in any environment. Custom testing carts for industrial maintenance. Interfacing our customers’ instrumentation with their product for testing.

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